Who I Am

i’m Shubham Gupta

The Taj Mahal

3D Model - Realistic rendering


This is my latest design in the 3DX Model Showdown event 2017 organized by a US Based community 3DX-US; the part of Traceparts USA. This event is specially organized for those people who create in 3D. It was held in April 2017 and my model is selected in Top 5 best 3D models for this challenge.

I designed the Taj Mahal 3D model with the all new concept of LEGO BRICS by using Lego Digital Design software and after that i use Keyshot software to rendered it. I also use Adobe Photoshop software for better presentation. For further details regarding the model or to download it, please visit the link below.

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3DX Model Showdown 2017.

Software's: Lego Digital Design, Keyshot, Photoshop.

Position: Top 5