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i’m Shubham Gupta

Mortise Lock

3D Model - Realistic rendering


In this project i have been provided with the actual physical model of the mortise lock set. It consist of 26 different components Now the task is to disassemble all the components of the lock to their child part and then make the digital 3D Model.

Then i disassemble the lock set by using screwdriver set and then mark dimensions of each and every single part by vernier caliper and screwmeter and after that make CAD model of all the parts using DDS CATIA software and last i rendered it in Keyshot.

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Mortise Lock Set.

To make the 3D digital CAD Model of the given Mortise Lock Set by Reverse engineering technique.

Software's: DDS Catia, Keyshot, Photoshop.

Project duration: 2 weeks